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You can straightaway look for some of the popular holiday destinations in India and book them on the spot. Andaman, Ladakh, Himachal, Kerala, Goa North East, South India, Bhutan and Rajasthan are among the top holiday destinations choices in the country.

You can book a tour package to any of these destinations depending on your budget and other factors such as how long you would like to stay, your preference of activities such as historical tour, garden and lake visits, or you prefer water activities like snorkelling or scuba diving. There is a holiday to suit every budget as well as every preference of activity.

Family oriented

Flyvigo has exclusive family tours crafted in keeping with the needs of a family whether large or small, with children or the elderly. It is a great way to spend some quality time together in a great destination. You can choose from a bevy of hotel options and even destinations and get some wonderful discounts on your holiday.

There are some long and short stay options in places like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Munnar, Kashmir, Srinagar, Tamil Nadu, Kochi, Gulmarg, Gangtok, Thekkady, Pahalgam including some self-drive family tours. Choose a destination depending on your weather and view preference and choose a hotel that perfectly sums up your mentality and enjoy your stay with your family

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